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Congestion Free Holiday Delivery

Traveling faster than the speed of light, and above all traffic signals and urban congestion, Santa's total journey is calculated to be further than the distance from the Earth to the Sun - 99,419,391 miles.

Crossing this vast distance Santa would deliver to approximately 200 million children in 800 million homes around the world (spread over 3x1013 m2 of land around the world). To make this many deliveries in the dark, during general bed times from 8pm-6am (10 hours), Santa will span multiple time zones equalling an extra 24 hours. Total travel time = 34 hours.

Using these totals, Arnold Pompos & Sharon Butler of Purdue University calculated that Santa would travel 2,924,099 MPH. This speed is "slower than the speed of light but still fast enough that the air resistance [would] likely vaporize Santa, along with all the children's gifts...if he wasn't riding a magic sleigh."

Happy Holidays from EACE!

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