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3rd Year Team Insights

For our final anniversary post, our team shared reflections and insights from our third year as EA Creative.

From Transportation Planner Josh Wagner


Through my work on a large transportation project, I learned how the intricate pieces of a massive construction job come together and how to apply my technical and managerial skills to achieve a cohesive project vision. Amidst a pandemic, the birth of a child and all the other things life throws at you, I found a flexible environment that allowed me to succeed both professionally and personally. The creative projects gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons well beyond what I thought possible as a transportation planner.

From Graphic Designer Lucy Wu:

"Separate home and work with something"

Under the situation of working from home, we need a simple ritual to turn the work mode on. Instead of a physical commute, start the daily work with a cup of coffee, a morning yoga, or a short meditation.

"We care about people, and not just business"

We work for the benefit of communities, and with people we trust and admire. The whole idea is to enjoy working, by loving what we do, and who we work with. I've worked on projects which created positive impacts within our neighborhoods, and had days when I received warm greetings and beautiful gifts from work buddies, because this is our culture to care about people..

From Project Manager Charlie Cunningham

“Slow down to speed up”

One of my mentors while working at a former job shared this catchy phrase with me and I think back to it often. Whether I'm in a quick regroup before an approaching deadline or out cycling or running, it translates easily from work projects to the outdoors. Many times I will slow down and find a place to catch my breath before picking up the pace.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordan

This Michael Jordan quote has been shared at different times in my life but I was reminded of it while watching The Last Dance and our work on a large scale transportation project was picking up quickly. As a growing firm bringing on new team members during the pandemic we had to be nimble and use our diverse skillsets and background experience to deliver projects on time. We may not be the Chicago Bulls of the 90s, but as a team we worked together to create our best.

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