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Erich Arcement, P.E., PTOE

President & CEO

Erin Pluguez

Project Administrator

Charlie Cunningham

Project Manager & Planner

Hendrick Alonzo

 Graphic Designer

Nerina Garcia, PHD

Science Advisor


Erich Arcement, P.E., PTOE, President & CEO

Erich is a licensed professional engineer with over 25 years of experience. Throughout his career he has emphasized communication-focused project management drawing on his expertise in executive management, business development and strategic planning. Before forming EA Creative, Erich served over 22 years in a senior position at a national recognized transportation firm. He has managed projects with construction values in the billions of dollars and has overseen large teams. His clients have ranged from government agencies to private developers.  His extensive experience has shaped his unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges, bringing focus, assurance, efficiency, and creativity to all his work.


Erin Pluguez, Project Administrator

Erin is a “Jane of All Trades” regarding administration, logistics, and compliance. Throughout her career, Erin has provided critical services to ensure an office has the tools and resources it needs to succeed. Her strengths are organization, foresight, problem solving, interpersonal communication, and critical thinking. Erin is not afraid to jump into any task, taking a thoughtful approach to delivering what is needed.


Charles Cunningham, Project Manager

Charlie brings a great deal of experience and knowledge in project management and leading processes from start to finish. He is skilled at identifying the big picture and breaking it down into manageable pieces to accomplish tasks and achieve the goal at hand. Charlie has experience engaging local communities to build support for projects and understands how to apply this skillset across industries, be it urban planning or technology. He has developed leadership skills through managing projects, training staff and pursuing partnership opportunities. Charlie has a background in urban planning, technology, and design, and is a member of the APA-NY Urban Design Committee.


Hendrick Alonzo, Graphic Designer

Hendrick Alonzo has over 20 years of experience in Graphic Design. He cut his teeth doing print and digital recruitment advertising at as a Production Artist. Hendrick then moved on to doing large format and prepress for various companies, where he learned the ins and outs of print production. Most recently, Hendrick has enjoyed freelancing as a Digital Artist, doing everything from Graphic Design, Photo Retouching, Print Production, and Production Art. Hendrick is an avid music enthusiast and guitar collector. He publishes an online/print editorial covering anything in the periphery of high-end music gear.


Nerina Garcia, PHD, Science Advisor

Dr. Garcia is a licensed psychologist specializing in stress management, anxiety and life transitions. She has a wide range of experience including providing individual small business development services and seminars to the business world to assist employees with the stress of their jobs and within high stress corporate environments. She brings this experience to EACC, through her development and management of a series of seminars for employee health, skill improvements and related topics.

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