Parka uses hyperlocal marketing to allow brands and retail to engage with people as they roam the city.


Recently, EA Creative helped Parka prepare for a round of fundraising meetings and presentations.



  • Streamlined pitch deck for investors and other potential partners

  • Connected Parka’s founding team to business partners

  • Facilitated introductions to VC and PE firms

  • Continuing to assist with strategic planning on an ongoing basis



Strategic planning, partnerships, creative communications, creative direction


SIMCO offers expert consulting services in traffic engineering, transportation planning, civil design, construction management, and engineering inspection.


Our partnership with SIMCO focuses on company positioning and business expansion.



  • Interviewed all company executives to identify priorities, opportunities and company direction

  • Established an actionable business development plan

  • Reviewed all marketing and business development collateral and provided recommendations



Strategic planning, business development, creative communications

MetroPolder is a leader in smart water management and water storage in cities. The MetroPolder team pioneered the technology behind Polder Roof, which allows for dynamic water storage and creates the foundation for green roof applications.


EA Creative assisted MetroPolder with their goal of expansion into New York City and recommended next steps.



  • Offered strategic insights for entry into United States market with focus on New York City

  • Defined a comprehensive business development plan

  • Connected team with contacts that would be interested in Polder Roof



Strategic planning, partnerships, startup resources


Brooklyn-grown Revel is the first electric moped rideshare app to reach New York City.


EA Creative worked with Revel founders on their next phase of growth.



  • Provided strategic action plan for rollout and implementation

  • Served as intermediary with public agencies

  • Connected founding team with pertinent business partners

  • Facilitated introductions to VC firms



Strategic planning, partnerships, project management


Antarctica Capital is a global investment firm with an investment focus on infrastructure, real estate, and financial services.


EA Creative worked with Antarctica to craft a vision for the future of mobility and develop associated assets.



  • Provided ideas/concepts for repositioning transportation assets in the era of new mobility

  • Coordinated with city agencies and private entities to identify and implement new uses for transportation assets

  • Developed photorealistic renderings of upcoming concepts for presentation to partners



Strategic planning, partnerships, creative communications


Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center’s Haven Plaza will offer a green, open space for students, medical professionals,  and the broader community.


We partnered with CUIMC for assistance with project delivery and partnership coordination for the interim Haven Plaza.



  • Provided project management for implementation of plaza

  • Acted as liaison with city agencies, stakeholders and institutions

  • Coordinated with project contractors



Project management, partnerships


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