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With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re highlighting “Kiss & Fly” or “Kiss & Ride” areas around the world - designated sections of stations or airports for people to quickly drop off traveling loved ones. Pucker up as we showcase signs from around the world dedicated to this! #transportation

This is the sixth in a series of thought pieces focused on the future of urban mobility and how New York City (and other dense urban areas) can reposition themselves for innovative and sustainable growth.

Our latest thought piece was written in collaboration with TANY, the Trucking Association of New York, an industry group also focused on creating a successful vision for the future of a legacy industry.

Click the link below the cover image to download the PDF.

Authored by EA Creative.

Direct link available here:

Download PDF • 1.64MB

While you can now pay your NYC subway or bus fare with a simple tap of a phone or payment card, it didn't used to be so easy! Join us as we reminisce on the various ways New Yorkers have paid for MTA fares over the years.

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