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who we are

EA Creative

With two decades of deep industry experience in engineering and urban planning combined with expert leadership in creative communications, EA Creative brings innovative solutions to the needs of our clients.


We work closely with clients to provide hands-on support with business development, strategic planning, and creative direction.


what we do

Project Management

EA Creative provides tailored project management services to define project needs and implement efficient project delivery with a sharp focus on creative solutions and schedule. We work with your team to remove blocks, eliminate uncertainty, and execute toward key milestones with an organized plan for success.

Business Development and Partnerships

Our clients gain access to our extensive network of connections across the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, design, healthcare, private equity, and transportation. Whether you are looking for the right contractor or a seasoned engineering firm for your project, we’ll help facilitate professional relationships to support your next steps.

Creative Communications

We translate ideas and strategy into polished, tangible experiences that create meaningful audience connections to your projects. We help you transform raw data and project statistics into beautiful content that focuses on making your ideas accessible through dynamic presentations, pitches for funding, project success reports, and graphic design support.

Strategic Planning

The EA Creative team has helped evolve early phase startups into multibillion-dollar successes and has helped small and large firms implement plans for expansion. We work with clients to craft a lasting company vision and recognize strategic opportunities. Together we define and set priorities and determine how to best focus energy to build a critical roadmap for the future success of your business.


Creative Direction

Add director-level creative expertise to your team with a strategic partner you can turn to for guidance, ideas, and feedback. We review design assets and provide storytelling coaching to effectively position your project or company in your sector. We evaluate each client’s creative direction and help develop the compelling narrative needed to engage decision-makers, stakeholders, and agencies.

Science Communication

Explain groundbreaking research findings as practical discoveries that will appeal to audiences beyond your scientific community. The EA Creative team brings the right technical literacy and nuanced understanding to assist in the creation of 3D animations, colorful infographics, and other captivating visualizations that will share valuable information with the public.

Check out our latest SciComm video:


who we work with

From transportation startups to large institutions, our clients represent a wide range of industries. Partners include Columbia University, Parka, SIMCO, and more. 


our team

Erich Arcement, P.E., PTOE

Erich is a licensed professional engineer with over 20 years of experience. Throughout his career he has emphasized communication-focused project management drawing on his expertise in executive management, business development and strategic planning. Before forming EA Creative, Erich served as Senior Vice President of Sam Schwartz Consulting with a diverse set of clients from government agencies to private developers.  He has managed projects ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars with a staff of 60. This experience has shaped his unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges, bringing focus, assurance, efficiency and creativity to all of his work.


Rachel Richards

Rachel is a creative professional with over 15 years of experience in technical illustration, graphic design, data visualization, coding, and project management. She possesses a unique blend of expertise gained from leading tech and communications initiatives in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining EACC, Rachel worked as a freelance consultant providing creative direction services including design strategy and visual communications to support a diverse range of projects for clients including NASA, ReAgency, Battery Park City Authority and The High Line.

Charles Cunningham

Charlie is a dedicated urbanist passionate about the connectivity between technology, people, and place through their design. His diverse background includes leadership, planning, and project management with lifestyle & technology brands Rapha & Apple. Charlie has led diverse teams through successful initiatives in marketing, operations, communications design, sales, and customer success.

Kris Sunderic, PhD

Kris is a Science Writer and Science Communicator. He graduated from Boston University in 2007 with a BS in biomedical engineering before entering the pharmaceutical industry as a research scientist working on vaccine formulations. He went on to earn his MS and then PhD in biomedical engineering at the City College of New York, researching the effects of heat shock and ultrasound on stem cells grown in mineralized polymer scaffolds. Kris has given talks at both professional conferences and science outreach events and continues to pursue his passion for science communication here at EA Creative.

Nerina Garcia, PhD.

Dr. Garcia is a licensed psychologist specializing in stress management, anxiety and life transitions. She has a wide range of experience including providing individual small business development services and seminars to the business world to assist employees with the stress of their jobs and within high stress corporate environments. She brings this experience to EACC, through her development and management of a series of seminars for employee health, skill improvements and related topics.


contact us

EA Creative


169 Wythe Avenue, Suite 104

Brooklyn, NY 11249



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